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Just Announced – 2017 Hosta of the Year


Hosta ‘Brother Stefan’

This guy has it all…..large, thick, heavily corrugated, puckered leaves & great coloring that changes as it matures.  Well maybe not everything…..honestly he’s a bit slow to grow.  You’ll need to plan ahead to properly fill that pot.  Finishes to the Large category at 20-24 inches.  Flowers are near-white.

Great opportunity to get a jump on your competition.  Available in 20 count trays this summer OR order your 72 count trays for future delivery if you’re planning a larger crop to meet increased demand for this variety.

I’m looking forward to adding this hosta to my personal collection this summer.  Gardeners aren’t always the most patient people.  Do you really think they’re going to wait for 2017 to ask you for this guy?

Give me a call & let’s make sure you’re prepared!