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Spring Begins!

Most people “turn a new leaf” on New Year’s Day.  After a long evening full of champagne with friends, they ponder the path of their life.  Next they make plans to change and improve in the year ahead.  The average American begins January with a new goal or plan of attack written in pen.  They resolve to eat less, move more & perhaps learn something new.

For Gardeners like you & me, Spring is the same thing.  We have counted down to the first day of Spring as a way of coping with the cold weather.  During the lengthy period of inactivity devoid of color known as winter, we order seeds & make new plans for the garden.  Finally it arrives…  March 20 or 21st depending on the equinox.  Woo Hoo…. We run outside.  Wait it’s still cold.  Perhaps I’ll go check my inbox for inspiration instead.

Obviously growers need to plan far ahead.  What should you order now for next Spring?

Here’s my suggestions from Walters Gardens.

Brunnera ‘Jack of Diamonds’ offers HUGE leaves & fantastic vigor.

Another favorite for the 19/20 season is the complete series of Garden Girl Phlox with 3 new colors joining the immensely popular Glamour Girl!

Cover Girl 

Party Girl

Uptown Girl

It’s still too cold to play outside.  Give me a call with your Perennial Wish List.  I’ll attach the most current Walters Availability List in case you need more ideas.


Happy Spring Peeps!

Your NNP Sales Rep, Karen Fisher

Office: 540-732-0250