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Spring Begins!

Most people “turn a new leaf” on New Year’s Day.  After a long evening full of champagne with friends, they ponder the path of their life.  Next they make plans to change and improve in the year ahead.  The average American begins January with a new goal or plan of attack written in pen.  They resolve to eat less, move more & perhaps learn something new.

For Gardeners like you & me, Spring is the same thing.  We have counted down to the first day of Spring as a way of coping with the cold weather.  During the lengthy period of inactivity devoid of color known as winter, we order seeds & make new plans for the garden.  Finally it arrives…  March 20 or 21st depending on the equinox.  Woo Hoo…. We run outside.  Wait it’s still cold.  Perhaps I’ll go check my inbox for inspiration instead.

Obviously growers need to plan far ahead.  What should you order now for next Spring?

Here’s my suggestions from Walters Gardens.

Brunnera ‘Jack of Diamonds’ offers HUGE leaves & fantastic vigor.

Another favorite for the 19/20 season is the complete series of Garden Girl Phlox with 3 new colors joining the immensely popular Glamour Girl!

Cover Girl 

Party Girl

Uptown Girl

It’s still too cold to play outside.  Give me a call with your Perennial Wish List.  I’ll attach the most current Walters Availability List in case you need more ideas.


Happy Spring Peeps!

Your NNP Sales Rep, Karen Fisher

Office: 540-732-0250

Peonies on Sale from DeGroot

Now thru March 30th, take 20% all herbaceous Peonies from DeGroot.


Many Popular Varieties:

Bowl of BeautyRose Pink w/Creamy Yellow Center

Dr. Alex FlemingPink

Felix Crousse – Red

Festiva Maxima – White

Gay Paree – Mauve w/Creamy Pink Center

Karl Rosenfield – Deep Red

Rubra Plena – Dark Red

Sarah Bernhardt – Pale Pink


Shirley TempleWhite

*All photos courtesy of DeGroot 

Here’s the complete Availability List. 



 Take 20% listed prices for varieties listed above.  Tree Peonies are excluded.  Wholesale Only.
Minimum Order $150

Give me a shout to get yours on order!

Your Mid-Atlantic National Nursery Products Sales Rep – Karen Fisher

Office: (540) 732-0250

Nice Nellies & Much More!

Need some Nice Shade trees, Ornamentals or Evergreens?

My recent trip to TN found lots of great trees for you!

  • Checkout these Nellie Stevens.  Here’s a holly you’ll be proud to have on your lot!
  • Beautifully grown Red Maples: Redpointe, October Glory, Sun Valley & more
  • Well branched Heritage & Dura-Heat birch
  • Gorgeous Cercis canadensis, ‘Forest Pansy’, ‘Hearts of Gold’, ‘Merlot’, ‘Oklahoma’
  • Fringetree, Dogwoods, Nyssa, Oxydendrum, Planetrees, Sweetgums, Tulip Poplar, just too many to list
  • Growers are working on their Fall Availabilities, but I suggest you just send me a list.  By the time they complete their inventories with sizing, all the good stuff will be gone.

    The early bird gets the best trees.  Give me a shout!

    Your NNP Rep, Karen Fisher
    Office: 540-732-0250

You Sell Happiness

This election season has gotten me a little depressed.

I suspect I’m not alone in this mindset.  We’ll leave it at that.

Luckily this past week’s cooler weather got me in the mood to plant.  So I found a Garden Center brimming with a yard full of beautiful, neat & tidy looking plants.  I happily pulled out my credit card and began dreaming of where these new acquisitions would look best.

The ground is hard here & filled with many rocks.  I cleared a new area and labored for hours just digging three holes.  Then I meticulously spun the plants so that perfect face would be visible from my porch. With their fresh blanket of mulch, my smile grew wide as I sat on the porch with my well earned beer enjoying the new view.  It was the most satisfying moment I’d experienced in awhile.   Complete & utter happiness…. from the simple process of putting some new roots in the ground.

So my takeaway is this.  I had to visit several Garden Centers before I found one well stocked for fall.  People NEED you this election season.  Please make sure your Sales Area is filled with plants because

Plants = Happiness!


Cryptomeria j. ‘Sekkan Sugi’

You can find the plants pictured here at Gardenscape.  Here’s a current Availability list: gardenscape-estimated-availability-9-22-16

Happy Fall Everyone!


I’ve moved!

   ….and I’m never moving again….

The process was fun at first, but then it turned into a full time job.  Searching for the perfect house, then trying to sell what I thought was the perfect house, packing, unpacking, ugh….   When does the fun part start?  I must apologize that I haven’t been in contact with you more this past month.

You will now find me in Virginia & I hope this proximity will allow me to see you more often.

If you need anything just give me a call, or just call to talk.  I’d much rather do that than unpack a box.

Here is my new contact information.
Office: 540-732-0250
Cell: 440-214-2018  (same as previous)
Fax: 540-739-7227

Thanks for your patience during my relocation.
Best Wishes to you all!
-Karen Fisher
NNP Mid-Atlantic Field Rep.

20803 Lahore Rd.

Orange, VA 22960

Good Things come in Small Packages

Sempervivum are Selling Strong!

These more petite divisions from Walters Gardens are perfect to tuck into smaller pots & crevices.

All of these varieties are available in a #2 grade bare root division & they’re only .42 each! (minimum 100 per variety)

‘Braunii’, ‘Pacific Blue Ice’, ‘Pilioseum’, ‘Purple Beauty’, ‘Red Beauty’, ‘Ruby Heart’,  ‘Silverine’, ‘Rockwell Rosette’ (pictured) & ‘Sanford Hybrids’

Need ideas of what to do with them?  Ok.  The first one to place their order will get this book. Succulents Simplified

Cool New Perennial

Last summer after touring Walters Gardens display gardens for hours, I was stopped in my tracks by this plant.  The fine texture was so attractive as it hugged the ground so neatly.  “Is that an Amsonia?” I asked and reached for my camera.  “Yes, but it’s brand new & not available yet.  You can’t share it with your customers yet.  Please put your camera away Karen.”

Do you know how hard it was to keep this hidden treasure SECRET for an entire year?  Awww…big sigh of relief….I can finally share this great new plant with you.

     Frankly I don’t know that I’m that excited about the bloom.  You will grow this perennial for the foliage.  What a beautiful groundcover for the front of your beds.  It only grows 4-6″ tall with a nice spread of 16-24″.  When the fern like foliage turns yellow late summer, you’ll fall in love with this Amsonia all over again.  What a lovely compliment to the autumn colors of sedum and mums.  Zone 5-9 

I suggest you Order NOW as this item is sure to be popular.  Available to ship bareroot late September or pot them up in January.  

Quantities of 25 @ $2.29 each.

Just Announced – 2017 Hosta of the Year


Hosta ‘Brother Stefan’

This guy has it all…..large, thick, heavily corrugated, puckered leaves & great coloring that changes as it matures.  Well maybe not everything…..honestly he’s a bit slow to grow.  You’ll need to plan ahead to properly fill that pot.  Finishes to the Large category at 20-24 inches.  Flowers are near-white.

Great opportunity to get a jump on your competition.  Available in 20 count trays this summer OR order your 72 count trays for future delivery if you’re planning a larger crop to meet increased demand for this variety.

I’m looking forward to adding this hosta to my personal collection this summer.  Gardeners aren’t always the most patient people.  Do you really think they’re going to wait for 2017 to ask you for this guy?

Give me a call & let’s make sure you’re prepared!

Easy Delicious Apple Crisp

I share all my good finds.  Here’s one you are sure to enjoy!


1. Mix flour, brown sugar, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, nutmeg & salt in bowl.

2. Combine butter with mixture using pastry dough blender until coarse crumbs form.  Stir in walnuts.
3. Whisk together 1/2 cup sugar, cornstarch, ginger & 1/2 tsp cinnamon.
4. Place apples in bottom of slow cooker.  Toss with lemon juice & then stir in cornstarch mixture.
5. Sprinkle the walnut crumb topping over the top.
6. Cover & Cook on LOW for 2-3 hours until the apples are tender.
7. Uncover the slow cooker & allow the topping to harden for an hour.  (Good luck waiting that long.)
Serve with Ice Cream!

So while that’s simmering & filling your home with an amazing aroma….


Have you ordered any Apple trees for your customers?  Bountiful Farms offers them in several unique forms including candelabra, espaliers & fans!  Checkout the Edibles Collection at the end of this list.

Freedom Farm also offers 20 different varieties of apples & many other edibles in Retail ready sizes.

Call me & let’s get you set with a good supply of Spring Fruit!
Karen Fisher – Field Rep.
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Cell 440-214-2018
Fax 855-299-5101