Crocosmia for the Win this Week

As the days get shorter, the garden gets brighter.   Make sure you have fresh color in stock.  This perennial is a fantastic impulse buy for the gardener looking to improve their yard in late July.  It’ll still be blooming for those Labor Day parties.  It also meets the “Plant it & Forget it” criteria your customers will appreciate.

Have you placed your order for next Spring’s crop? Available to ship in January from Walters Gardens.  Give me a call & let’s get yours reserved!


‘Lucifer’ is the classic in this category.
It pairs beautifully with Echinacea ‘Virgin’
Only one possible drawback….this back of the border plant might need some support to keep it fully upright.

e5a33f47-294e-41b4-901e-87dadb571635‘Prince of Orange’ is a Prince of a plant.
Its shorter stature means NO staking required!