Friday Favorite

Geranium ‘Dark Reiter’


It’s not the most popular geranium on the market, but I think it should be.  Try this fantastic landscape plant!

#1- The dark foliage looks good all season long.
#2 – It offers an exceptionally long season of bloom.
#3 – If you cut it back, you’ll get a second flush of flowers.
#4 – It’s fabulous in a combination pot.
#5 – It is so easy to grow!
#6 – I might just know where you could get some now.

#7 – It is a bit slow to bulk up in production; so, I’d suggest summer potting for fuller plants in your spring sale displays.

So just how easy is this perennial to maintain in your landscape?

While you’ll find occasional seedlings in nearby beds, it’s never overly aggressive.  I welcome these new arrivals.  Check out this baby geranium!


It’s perfectly self reliant…… well until I run over it with my car.

Don’t you love a plant that’s so easy to love?