Ode to Allium

I Love Allium

IMG_0060Why?  …because every gardener appreciates an effortless pretty plant.  Who wants to spend their entire weekend weeding, trimming & fussing over fussy perennials?

Plant them, forget them & just enjoy them.  I planted these 32 plugs directly in my front bed last summer & I haven’t touched them since.  Extend the season by including several different varieties of Allium.  This guy starts the season with a much appreciated abundance of blooms & nice bluish-green foliage.

p.s. Who doesn’t like these?  -the Deer!



Allium ‘Forescate’ blooming NOW in my front bed. I’m not sure my photography skills do this little charmer justice, but I smile every time I see it.  Yeah, I know….it’s not that hard to please a plant nerd.
Lots of other great varieties.  Don’t be afraid to try them all.  Also a great plant for your combination pots.

Thanks Patty & Jay Steinhauser from Stonehouse Nursery for introducing this great plant to me.
Do YOUR customers a favor & offer it to them!  ….but you’ll have to plan ahead.  Order now for next year.
Give me a call & let’s get this great plant reserved for you.