Monthly Archives: September 2014

Great Ideas should be Shared

Great Landscaping is art.  Plants don’t just fill space.  They offer living, changing texture, color and aroma.  Some are even edible, what an amazing potential of possibilities we sell.  However, we’ve all seen some yards that would be more accurately described as ugly.  A tour of almost any street will prove that plants are not the easiest medium in which to work.  So how do we help our customers achieve the best results in their design?  I say you simply steal the best ideas and make them your own.  So when a consumer wants help choosing plants for their yard I often suggest they start by taking a walk around a nice neighborhood & take pictures of what they like.   Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?  Answer…YES!  The same is true of marketing for Garden Centers.  Here’s an idea I saw this past weekend that begs to be borrowed.  Who doesn’t have an old pair of jeans in their closet that no longer fit?  (If you don’t, I’ll give you a pair out of mine.)  Have some fun with your displays!  I for one prefer to shop at a store where the employees’ sense of humor is plainly evident.