Monthly Archives: September 2015

I’ve moved!

   ….and I’m never moving again….

The process was fun at first, but then it turned into a full time job.  Searching for the perfect house, then trying to sell what I thought was the perfect house, packing, unpacking, ugh….   When does the fun part start?  I must apologize that I haven’t been in contact with you more this past month.

You will now find me in Virginia & I hope this proximity will allow me to see you more often.

If you need anything just give me a call, or just call to talk.  I’d much rather do that than unpack a box.

Here is my new contact information.
Office: 540-732-0250
Cell: 440-214-2018  (same as previous)
Fax: 540-739-7227

Thanks for your patience during my relocation.
Best Wishes to you all!
-Karen Fisher
NNP Mid-Atlantic Field Rep.

20803 Lahore Rd.

Orange, VA 22960