Thursday Thoughts

I had the highly unoriginal idea of sharing my favorite plant of the week in the Fisher garden every Friday.    Then just the second week into the project, I couldn’t pick just one.  It’s really not surprising to folks that know me well.  One look at my garden, my closet, my dogs & you’ll soon see it’s hard for me to limit myself to just one of anything.  It’s good to have a passion for things that make me happy like yellow flowers, right?  ….Oh, I’m also impatient…. Why make you wait until tomorrow?
So exercising great restraint in peak gardening season….

Here are the finalists in “Best Looking Plants of the Week”


Baptisia ‘Lemon Meringue’

Great garden plant, vibrant color & completely fuss free.  Available NOW from Walter’s Gardens bare root or order your 72 plugs for next May.  Great plant for 2 Gallon production!



Intersectional Paeonia ‘Bartzella’

Fill the house with these fragrant blooms!  Order now for Fall Shipping.  Give these roots time to fill that 5 Gallon pot.

Looking for other perennials?
Maybe you’ll find them on Walters Garden’s expansive availability list.  Give me a call & I’ll be happy to forward you the most current copy.

See you next Friday, or Thursday…..or maybe I’ll mix it up with some words of wisdom on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend playing in the dirt!