Plant Lust

Have you ever wanted a plant so much you moved to another state to grow it?

Lagerstroemia Cherry Mocha_CJW12 (2)

‘Cherry Mocha’

For me, It’s Crepe Myrtle.  I love the bark, I love the blooms.  I WANT one!  ….but I live in the snow belt of Northeast Ohio.  So I did what any normal, mildly obsessive gardener would do.  I started looking for houses in Virginia where they bloom so beautifully.

If you can relate at all to this craving, I’ve got great news.   For those living in marginal zones for this great plant,  Walters Gardens now has FOUR new varieties that have successfully overwintered the last three years in west Michigan.  Introducing the Barista collection of hardy Lagerstroemia: available in cherry red, true pink, white or hot pink.  They die to the ground each season, but reemerge with those beautiful, coveted blooms.  I can’t wait to see how big they get in a warmer zone.

Order yours now.  Just give me a call!
Available in 20 count Spring 2016
or 72 count now.

New Forwarding Virginia address to follow soon…..